Burkholder Ag LLC

Liquid Fertilizer Sales & Custom Application

Liquid Management Equipment

UTV Sprayers  -   Pickup Spayers
Tow Behind Sprayers - Tractor Sprayers  -  ATV Sprayers -  Attachments  -  Sprayer Parts  -  Diesel Transfer Tanks  -  DEF Transfer tanks  -  Fire Control Sprayers

Ag Equipment

Lawn & Garden Sprayers - UTV Sprayers
Sprayer Booms & Multi-Lid
Poultry House Sprayers - Skid Sprayers
Pasture Sprayers

Liquid Ice Distributing

Specializing in transporting and distributing liquids like calcium chloride brine, salt brine and other premium branded liquids during winter months.

Cattle Chutes

Stronghold Manufacturing has been designing, building, and distributing some of the most rugged livestock handling equipment since 1965.

Stronghold takes particular pride in our full line of chutes from the all hydraulic 1100H chute to our economical 440 chute.  Our chutes are among the heaviest in the industry and once you buy a Stronghold system you will understand the security that comes with a quality product.

Behlen Heavy Duty & Light Gates
Full Line Cattle Handling Products
Bob Wire
 Woven  Wire
Electric Fence Supplies
Continuous Fence Panels
Steel Pipe post

Our Products & Vendors

Here at Burkholder Ag Services we strive to meet the needs of Northeast Missouri farmers.   Providing services tailored to your  specific needs is what we do! We appreciate the opportunity to work along side of you to develop real solutions by providing you the best Ag services and products to help maximize your time, efforts and production.
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About Us

Burkholder Ag, LLC is a Family owned & operated farm service serving the Northeast Missouri area since the mid 80's.

Address: 50073 State Hwy 15
Baring, Mo 63531

Phone: 660-342-7228
Cell: 660-341-9557

Our Services

Liquid Fertilizer
Custom Application

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